Theo's Lullaby

by Kelowna Busker

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This was a song I wrote for my dear friends' first child. The idea was to attempt transferring the best pieces of advice ever given to me to the child through song.

I never intended on releasing this track, but since busking in Kelowna I have had nonstop encouragement to record and release this track specifically.

So here it is, with love.
-Michael S.e Elliott



My Mother, God bless her
She believes good is at the heart of most men
Even when most of the them of shown her
The error of tender love and care
She kept hope and me alive
And when hope died, I survived
She said, 'When earthquakes come
Stand tall my son, and if you shall fall
You better damn well crawl
Cuz the length ain't long
So fear not the reaper, but what you haven't done
And yes, this world is a cold one
It's up to you to make a warmer tomorrow
Know that everyone has a story
But know that you must own your sorrow
Give love like a habit
Rejoice when you have it
A man is a man when he can control his hand
And don't you dare use 'I don't know' as an excuse
Ignorance is for the useless

Be strong young one
The world is resting on you
Throw your pebble to the pile
Even if it's all you can do
Believe in yourself
And you will always stay true
The world is resting on you

And if you say anything, say it with meaning
Because one way or another we all end up expressing our feelings
And in the long run, we're all far from genius
But only weak men listen when vices scream to squeeze them
Now listen
Be wary of sirens for they feed on fear and violence
And know that all injustice needs to survive is silence
So be loud when you have to be
Avoid mediocrity
Cooperation with corporation is called 'selling out'
Persistent resistance against tyranny is paramount
So let the exhausted become revitalized when they realize
The revolution will not be televised
It will not be streamed online
It is happening inside our minds


They will use words like diseases to excommunicate ideas
They'll call you an idealist
Like there is something wrong with having ideals
So the thicker skin the better
But always strive to keep your heart tender
You see the majority of us spend out time thinking about
the future or the past
The greatest irony is we spend our whole lives in the present
And we always have
So live in the moment
Be fearless and own it
And always remember,
It's you who controls it.


Written by Michael S.e Elliott


released January 11, 2017
Recorded by William Harris & Keith Perreault
Mixed by Keith Perreault
Performed by Michael S.e Elliott & Geromy Houghton
Written by Michael S.e Elliott



all rights reserved


Kelowna Busker

Kelowna Busker is a street performer & community organizer based out of Kelowna B.C, Canada. Somewhere between Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, and Jack Black.

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